FAQ: The Alleyman's Tarot
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I backed on the first day-- how do I get that free art print??

You just automatically get it. It’ll happen in backerkit, you won’t need to do anything. <3

Last updated: April 14, 2021 11:50

Does the deck have matching backs?

No, the cards will all have their original or otherwise unique backs. Not a single one matches, purposefully. I want this to feel patchwork, mish-mash, mixed up. I have done many readings with my test print already and it reads smoothly, no worries about the backs!

Last updated: April 14, 2021 11:50

Can I get more after the Kickstarter?

This is a one-time printing. I will order as many as I can beyond what sell here to sell after the campaign, but based on the popularity here, they will likely sell out FAST. I will absolutely be doing this again in the future, either an oracle deck or a ‘tarot booster pack’, if not a full on additional deck. It’s been a lot of work on the back end to make this happen at all, and so very many rejections. We’ll see if I want to do it all again haha.

Last updated: April 14, 2021 16:58

How do I add more to my pledge after I've already pledged?

You can always edit your pledge at any time during the life of a Kickstarter. Just go back to the main page, and hit the new ‘Manage my pledge’ button! You can re-select your pledge tier and include as many add-ons as you want at that point! : )

Last updated: April 17, 2021 12:00

I want to get more than one deck, but I don't have a store. Can I get the Retailer pledge tier?

No. In the FAQ above, it explains how to edit your pledge to get more add-ons on your order. Periodically I will cancel pledges in the Retailer tier if they did not follow the rules stated in the tier and reach out to me to confirm their store, first. If you don’t want to lose your pledge, don’t pledge for a tier you do not qualify for.

Last updated: April 17, 2021 12:00

What are the shipping costs?

To be determined at checkout on Backerkit, but I was quoted $10 US and $15 international by my fulfillment center for a standard package with 1 deck and 1 book. Booster packs won’t change the weight much, but multiple decks are likely to. Keep that in mind!

Last updated: April 17, 2021 12:00

Are you EU shipping friendly?

From my fulfillment center, nothing concrete: “The customs documentation is based on what you list within our system when adding product SKUs, customs harmonization description, code, country of origin and declared value.

There is nothing that we can manually enter on the customs documentation to guarantee a lower duty and tax for the end recipient importing the good into Europe. Each country has their own formula for capturing the duties and taxes, I would just outline to those recipients that you have no idea what these will be and that they have to pay them in order to receive the shipment.”

Apologies it’s not a easy or clear or answer. It looks like they don’t see any way to make it ‘safe’ for international people to order without worry. There will likely be taxes and fees, but we don’t know what they will be. Apologies again.

Last updated: April 20, 2021 14:32

Is this deck okay for someone new to tarot to learn?

Here’s my thoughts on that– It’s definitely bigger than a normal tarot deck– I mean, a LOT bigger, but it also will come with a guide that talks about each card in-depth. When you’re new to tarot, and you first get into it, you don’t know the meaning of any of the 78 cards. You spend a lot of time every single time you do a reading looking up each and every card to figure out what they mean.

This deck is 133-cards– it’s almost twice the size of a tarot deck! However, the number of cards you’ll be ‘reading’ each time will be the same whether you use a normal deck or this deck. Doing a 12-card Celtic Cross spread? That’s 12 cards you’re looking up and learning, regardless of which deck you’re using! This one might seem scarier and larger, but you’ll use the same number of cards in a reading no matter how many cards are left in the draw pile.

And because this deck’s cards are all so unique, they’ll stand out to you more and be easier to learn. In a standard deck, for instance, you might be able to mix up a 6, 7, or 8 of Wands. But in this deck the aesthetic on each one is so different, it will likely HELP you learn the individual cards faster.

It will take you longer to learn the entire deck, sure, but you’ll have the guidebook to refer to whenever you need it, and it’s written a bit more casually, conversationally, so I think it will be more welcoming than some tarot decks that are very up their own butts about tradition and ‘proper reading’– haha.

I think it will be just as easy/hard to learn as any other deck, it will just take a little longer for you to get ALL the cards down, but you are able to remove cards from this deck as you desire. If you want to start with just a normal tarot deck? You can take out the extra cards and start with 78, then slowly add in the extras until you’re comfortable, or leave them out forever! It’s up to you!

Last updated: April 26, 2021 10:37

What cardstock is the deck?

330 gsm Black Core German stock!

Last updated: April 28, 2021 19:25

How thick will the deck be?

With the 137-cards of just the standard deck, 1.9 inches thick! With all 3 booster packs at about 180-190~ cards, it’s just under 2.6 inches thick!

Last updated: April 28, 2021 19:25

How do I add items or add-ons to my order?

From backer Loopycat:

“I’ve seen people have a bit of trouble with regards to addons or pledges going back to the original etc. so I thought I’d give some info:

  1. After you’ve pledged, you’ll see a “Manage your pledge” button on this campaign page. Click on it.

  2. You’re taken to a page where you can change your payment details. Scroll down, at the bottom, click on “Change Your Pledge” (yes, I know it doesn’t sound right, but it’s the correct one, I promise).

  3. You are taken to a page where you first simply reconfirm your pledge that’s already highlighted (click on the “Pledge [whatever $ amount it is]” button).

  4. THEN you are finally taken to the page where you can add stuff. Add your items, then click CONFIRM.

  5. Another page comes up with your pledge and added items and new total, click to CONFIRM.

  6. NOW HERE’S THE TRICKY BIT THAT’S TRIPPED UP MANY PEOPLE (including myself at first). You’ll be taken to another confirmation page where sometimes the amount to be confirmed has gone back to your original pledge. THIS IS A KICKSTARTER BUG, it happens with other campaigns too. Do NOT ‘confirm’ on this 2nd page (the one that shows the incorrect original amount), else it will reset your pledge to your original one without addons!

You can check to make sure you got things right by simply opening a new tab and going to the Alleyman campaign to check your pledge amount at the top of the page (and of course checking for your email confirmation from Kickstarter).

If you DID confirm a second time and your pledge doesn’t have addons, just go through the whole “Manage your pledge” process again, making sure to NOT ‘confirm’ on the 2nd page (the one that showed the incorrect original amount).”

Last updated: May 05, 2021 13:43

Will the Booster Pack cards be explained somewhere?

Yes, they’ll have pages in the guide explaining their cards. Those pages will be in a separate section from the main deck but there will be a system in place to help you find them more easily.

Last updated: May 05, 2021 22:23

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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